Domestic Abuse Act 2021 for Health Professionals

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Duration: 1 Day

This course is designed to assist practitioners in domestic abuse with the knowledge and skills to be able to provide appropriate support, guidance, and advice to those who will need to seek protection through criminal, civil/ family courts.

The law on domestic abuse has changed and while some of the old law will remain in place, aspects of legislation has been added, amended, or repealed by the 2021 Act.

Delegates will learn the differences between the current and proposed legal frameworks, evidential tests and court procedure between the criminal and family courts.

There will also be additional duties and powers afforded to public bodies, including health, social care and housing- all responsible to the newly appointed Domestic Abuse Commissioner and who will make up the new mandatory Domestic Abuse Partnership Panels.

The course will help identify which applications, remedies and orders can be sought from each court and what they provide by way of safeguarding protection to the victims of domestic abuse, as well as an understanding on the future expectation and responsibilities of all statutory and voluntary agencies.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the current relevant legal framework as well as the new legislative changes coming into force under the Domestic Abuse Bill 2021 alongside the new measures to be enacted
  • Distinguish between the applications in the criminal and family courts
  • Identify what constitutes best evidence to enable a court to make ‘findings of fact’
  • How to assist in presenting and preparing evidence
  • Practical application, procedure and remedies in relation to all areas of domestic abuse including exclusion of perpetrators
  • Breaches and enforcement
  • Private law / contact / children and domestic abuse
  • Changes to police powers and duties on local authorities

As well the above main learning outcomes, we will also look at the following health specific issues:

  • Inform CCGs staff of best practice when responding to domestic abuse.
  • Improve safety and improve health by recognising domestic abuse is a serious issue which has an adverse impact upon the health of individuals, families and communities.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of domestic abuse across the CCGs and its impact upon those experiencing it.
  • Ensure that all Directorates are clear within their roles in tackling and responding to issues surrounding domestic abuse.
  • Provide support for our staff who are experiencing domestic violence and abuse.
  • Support government policy for the NHS in terms of domestic abuse and to ensure implementation of a safe, consistent and quality approach to domestic abuse across the CCGs.
  • To support local strategic partnership delivery plans for domestic abuse.
  • To ensure that processes are in place to support action plans developed following a domestic homicide review.
  • Responsibilities in relation to health care providers and new partnership duties.
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