Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Training Tier 1 for Senior Managers / Inhouse Legal

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Duration: 1 Day

Continuing Healthcare (CHC) Training Tier 1 for Senior Managers / Inhouse Legal

This one-day course will increase delegate’s knowledge of the law, evidence and procedure necessary to correctly work within the legal framework and carry out their role effectively and to best practice.
Delegates will consider the relevant up to date Government guidance, how decisions are made about NHS CHC eligibility as well as to avoid pitfalls in the decision-making process. Delegates will consider the screening and assessment process, as well as the process of reviews and appeals of continuing care decisions.

Key Learning Points

  • Identify individuals who may have a “primary health need by understanding the legislative basis for NHS Continuing Healthcare as defined by the Secretary of State
  • Understand the Clinical Commissioning Groups responsibilities to co-ordinate the process from completion of checklist to decision on funding and finalisation of care plan
  • Be able to practically and confidently apply the relevant legislation and guidance to good practice in CHC cases
  • Be confident in practice standards when reviewing/auditing evidence that contributes to the CHC process  to ensure clear reasoned evidence based decisions in line with legislation and guidance
  • To have a sound understanding of what a “primary health need” to identify when the quality and quantity of care is beyond the scope of the LA’s limits to provide social care due to 4 domains of “nature, intensity, complexity and unpredictability”
  • Be able to contribute as a skilled, knowledgeable, competent and confident  professional through the Multi-Disciplinary panel CHC process
  • Be able to identify when and how joint funding may be appropriate where CHC eligibility is not established
  • Identify and correctly challenge CHC decisions by initiating and progressing disputes

Who should attend?

This course is designed for senior managers, team leaders and in-house legal.

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