Section 47 Investigation

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Duration: 1 Day

Course Overview

Most social workers who undertake Section 47 Enquires may find their reports being scrutinised by managers, other agencies, the Family Court or within a serious case review.
It is essential, therefore, that social workers who conduct such enquires do so professionally throughout the whole process of fact finding, analysis and assessment and always strive to secure relevant, reliable & accurate evidence.

This training will consider all stages of the investigatory process and will illustrate the reliability, credibility & weight of all of the information obtained. It will illustrate how important it is to distinguish between facts and inferences/assumptions and how first hand evidence/ information will always be the most reliable

Key Learning Points:

  • Understanding the relevant law
  • Recognising roles and responsibilities whilst undertaking a S.47 enquiries
  • Recognising different types of evidence
  • How to collect reliable & credible evidence
  • How best to present such evidence
  • How best to present the child’s voice
  • Distinguishing between facts, inferences & opinions
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