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Following a recent Social Work England tribunal, a social worker has been suspended from the register for twelve months for using copy and paste when completing several best interest assessments.

The tribunal identified that the professional failed to respect the privacy and dignity of the service users concerned, and potentially unlawfully deprived them of their liberty.

It is essential that all BIAs conduct individualised person-centred assessments with due respect for Human Rights, recognising that the process itself must be lawful, fair and respectful of the interference with the person’s autonomy and liberty.  

Despite system pressures, backlogs and strain on resources, under no circumstance should this ever become a tick-box or paper exercise. Human rights are too important to be sacrificed at the alter of resources.

This will become even more important with the LPS on the horizon. The Trusts, CCGs, Health Boards and Local Authorities will become Responsible Bodies under the new process with, in the vast majority of cases, the duty of lawfully depriving a person of their liberty internally without the independent scrutiny of a rigorous BIA.

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Author: Sue Inker, Bond Solon Subject Matter Expert and Adult Social Care Trainer

This article was first published on Monday 9th March 2020.

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