Applying to become a Bond Solon trainer

We have a selection of specialist lawyers who work with us as part time trainers. Becoming a Bond Solon trainer can be a very satisfying part of your career.

Qualities we look for in a Bond Solon trainer:

Good Lawyer
Firstly, you must be a qualified solicitor or barrister with an excellent cv. In exceptional cases we accept other qualifications. You may not have trained before, but you must be willing and able to learn.

You must have the ability to bond with our clients and to communicate on their level. Remember we teach law and law related skills to non lawyers, so you must be able to communicate in plain English.

You must be able to motivate our clients by learning and using the creative and inspirational methods of teaching that we use.

Sense of Humour
Law can be a difficult subject for many and a great sense of humour reduces anxiety and improves learning.

Presentation Skills
We expect you to have good presentation skills, although we will help you improve these and encourage you to be passionate and inspirational when you speak. We want lawyers who can lead engaging sessions rather than lecture.

We expect you to respect our clients and be committed to helping them understand what they need to know to improve their work.

Process Oriented
All our programmes are carefully designed and we would expect you to follow our systems but put your own personal stamp on your presentations.

Willing to Learn
We want lawyers who are willing to develop, and learn from other trainers and our clients.

If you are interested in becoming a Bond Solon trainer, please send a copy of your current CV to

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