Advanced Suspect & Advanced Witness Interviewing

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Duration: 10 Days

Being able to conduct sound, professional and ethical interviews of suspects and witnesses is paramount within investigations. Proving the offence is not the driving force; if the interview is to support a successful investigation, then the interview MUST be conducted in accordance with the relevant legislation and current case law.

This training is the pinnacle of interview training and is designed to provide investigators with the knowledge, skills and confidence to interview the majority of witnesses, victims or suspects. The training is bespoke to your specific needs and can include interviewing of victims or witnesses who may be vulnerable by way of age or disability, or significant witnesses. (This course was formerly referred to as Tier 3).

Key Learning Points:

  • Explore cognitive techniques
  • Plan & prepare advanced or specialist interviews with victims, witnesses or suspects
  • Conduct advanced or specialist interviews
  • Evaluate advanced or specialist interviews

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