Cognitive Interviewing

In-house course: call for details
Duration: 1 day

Key Learning Points:

  • Engage and explain the process of the interview to reduce anxiety and maximize recall
  • Promoting active communication and systematic recall
  • Understanding and applying context reinstatement
  • Understanding and applying First, Second and Third Free Recall, and rigorous probing
  • Building in an accuracy check
  • Avoiding suggestions that the investigator put words in the witness’s mouth
  • Ensuring statements/reports written can withstand reliability analysis
  • Apply the cognitive techniques in a structured way

Cognitive Interviewing – Overview

Professionals often need to interview witnesses or victims. The problems with such interviews are that witnesses may give too brief an account, others may ramble or be unable to remember sufficient detail.

The Cognitive Interview method will enable interviewers to obtain accurate details from witnesses in the witnesses’ own words. The technique promotes active communication and recall by the witness of evidence. Field trials of this approach to interviewing have shown a 40% increase in the relevant information obtained from a witness.

Designed as a follow-on to the Advanced Investigative Interviewing course, this 1-day in house training course is designed to enhance and improve existing interview techniques. Delegates will learn how to apply cognitive interview techniques in a structured way, through taught and practical sessions and role-play.

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