Community Treatment Orders

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Duration: 1 Day

Community Treatment Orders allow some patients to live in the community whilst remaining subject to certain parts of the Mental Health Act 1983. Correctly identifying which patients should (and should not) be made the subject of CTO is key to maintaining their fundamental Human Rights, meeting the hospital and community teams’ legal obligations and maintaining bed availability.


CTOs are highly controversial as they grant a patient freedom from detention in hospital at the expense of other liberties, such as deciding where to live or whether to take medication. It is vitally important that the correct balance is struck between the freedom of the individual and the protection of that individual and the public at large from the effects of the more debilitating aspects of mental illness.

This one-day course clarifies the powers available to clinical and community teams and helps identify which patients would and would not benefit from a CTO.


  • Understand why it is vitally important to get the wording of CTOs right prior to discharge.
  • Appreciate the impact The Welsh Ministers v PJ has had on the formulation of CTO conditions.
  • Understand the interaction between CTOs and The Mental Capacity Act.
  • Know which issues to consider and which procedures to follow when considering revoking a CTO.
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