Conducting Investigative Interviews Virtually

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Duration: 2 days

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This 2-day course will develop the skills required for delegates to gather evidence by undertaking professional virtual interviews.

During the course delegates will consider best practice in how they conduct virtual interviews ensuring maximum effectiveness in the way they gather evidence.

Delegates will review the procedure for the different types of interviews that they will typically undertake. They will learn how to conduct a variety of interviews and will do this by learning about and applying the PEACE Interview Model (planning, preparation, engage and explain, account, closure and evaluate) and how to structure a virtual interview effectively.

This training is delivered virtually as a closed in-house course and can be tailored to the types of interview your organisation undertakes.

Key learning points

  • Plan and prepare for a virtual interview
  • Apply the PEACE model competently in interviewing and different interviewing techniques including the Cognitive Interview Model, the Conversation Management model, the Challenge, and Funnelling
  • Recognise virtual interview recording options and best practice advice
  • Establish baseline body language virtually
  • Identify non-verbal communications and baseline changes virtually
  • Manage interviewee resistance virtually
  • Work with Solicitors and managing disclosure on a virtual platform
  • Professionally manage exhibits virtually
Bond Solon does not advise or make any recommendations with regards to an organisation’s authorities current policy around using virtual interviews as admissible evidence. Any questions regarding the use and recording of these virtual interviews as evidence must be discussed with your internal legal team and in line with your current policy.
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