Conflict Management

In-house course: call for details
Qualification: Can count towards the Advanced Professional Certificate in Investigative Practice - BTEC Level 7 - please call for details
Duration: 2 Days

Key Learning Points

  • Devising and implementing management strategies to avoid risk to personal safety
  • Analysing behaviour and communication triggers to conflict
  • Adopting risk assessment and arrangement techniques to avoid, diminish or remove conflict in others
  • Detecting behaviour indicative of possible conflict or aggressive behaviour
  • Managing conflict and insults in both private and public scenarios
  • Rationalising and utilising psychology in the management of conflict
  • Implementing lawful and effective conflict management strategies 
  • Collating learning from incidents of conflict

Conflict Management - overview

This conflict management training is designed to give practical guidance to those who face situations of conflict and aggression as part of their professional role.

It will help you deal more effectively with situations of conflict, and give you the confidence and ability to manage and minimise the risk of conflict. It will also help you avoid having to resort to hands-on physical restraint.

The Conflict Management training course can count towards the 8-day nationally recognised qualification - the Advanced Professional Certificate In Investigative Practice - or towards the 2-day Professional Award in Managing Conflict in the Workplace.

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