Continuing Care for Children and Young People

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Duration: 1 Day (6 hours CPD)

When considering eligibility for continuing care for children and young people, there are often differences of opinion between health and social care professionals regarding the children and young people’s continuing care national framework. Disagreements can arise in relation to how the national framework and ‘decision support tool’ should be applied as well as the correct procedure required to assess a child’s needs for continuing care. Often professionals fail to adequately evidence and assess the child’s needs or are not confident to challenge other professionals regarding eligibility for continuing care for children and young people.

Course Overview

This highly interactive, one-day course, enables delegates to explore the relevant legal framework, evidence and procedure surrounding the National Framework decision. They gain the specialist knowledge needed through applying that learning to a case study. Following this, attendees have the confidence to take their knowledge outside of the classroom and achieve the correct outcome for those with continuing care needs.

The training will identify the different roles and responsibilities of partners, providers and other agencies and professionals involved in the multi-agency decision-making process. Delegates will explore the value of working in partnership to improve outcomes for children to ensure that the best package of care is identified and provided.

Many children, young people and their families struggle during the transition from Children and Young People’s Continuing Care to NHS Continuing Healthcare for adults. This training will identify the important differences between the services and the impact this can have upon a child with complex needs transitioning into adulthood.

Key Learning Points

  • Understanding the relevant legislation, case law and process to identify a continuing care ‘need’ on behalf of a child or young person.
  • Appraisal of Children and Young People’s Continuing Care national framework and the Decision Making Tool.
  • Understand how these are used to assist partners, providers and agencies working with children and young people to assess their complex needs.
  • Identify the relevant legal framework surrounding the procedure & assessment process for a child’s healthcare needs — over and above universal health provision, social care provision and/or educational provision.
  • Clarify the scope of a local authority’s duties to provide health care to a child or young person with complex needs pursuant to Section 17 Children Act 1989,following the case law guidance in ‘Haringey’.
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