Court of Protection

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Duration: 1 Day

Key Learning Points

  • Identify and apply relevant legislation, rules, regulations and case law
  • Recognise what different types of applications can be made to the Court of Protection to include welfare applications and challenges under the deprivation of liberty safeguards under section 21A
  • How to apply to the Court of Protection
  • Understand what factors the court take into account to make decisions
  • Successfully complete the relevant forms and statements required by the Court of Protection to support an application

Court of Protection - Overview

The aim of this one day course is to lead those who are not necessarily familiar with the workings of the Court of Protection through the network of legislation, rules, regulations and developing case law. The course is a practical guide to assist professionals who are contemplating an application to the Court of Protection for a person who has lost their legal capacity in a legal sense.  A lack of capacity is the gateway to the Court of Protection.

Professionals will consider the main legislation, rules, practice directions, codes of practice and practice guidance. 

The course will also look at the powers of the Court of Protection, the types of applications, where hearings take place, the Judges and other people involved with the Court.

In addition the course will look at applications to the Court of Protection, factors the court take into account and how the Court make decisions with a practical look at good practice in completing the relevant forms and statements required by the Court.

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