Managing Covert Operations (MCO)

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Duration: 5 or 10 Days

Covert activity can provide excellent results in the form of evidence or intelligence. However, it is important that those undertaking the activity or those managing the covert aspects of any investigation do so to best practice standards.

Our courses are delivered by subject matter experts who have all worked operationally in their respective fields and are qualified trainers.

This training consists of 2 modules, each one being 5 days in duration. The first module is the core-skills module which is designed to introduce supervisors and managers to covert operations and how to manage these. The second, advanced skills, module is designed to take managers to the next level of managing covert operations using higher level sensitive tactics.

Key Learning Points:

  • Operational security and the risks associated with compromise
  • The law surrounding different types of surveillance, covert human intelligence sources and equipment interference
  • Defensible decision making and how to apply this to covert operations
  • How surveillance and technical surveillance can be used effectively

Delivered on an in-house basis

Virtual Classroom or On-Site Delivery

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