Process, Procedure and Information Gathering in Complaints Handling and Investigation

Public course: £285 + VAT
In-house course: call for details
Qualification: Can count towards the Professional Award in Complaints Handling and Investigations - please call for details
Duration: 1 day

The way information and evidence is gathered has a major impact on successful complaints handling, response and resolution. If done correctly, the investigation should help establish the root cause of the complaint and the appropriate way to handle it.

What will you learn?

This one-day complaints handling training course is aimed at introducing the delegates to complaints handling and resolution, in terms of principles and practice. It is designed to give them the knowledge, skills and techniques to carry out a complaints investigation to best practice standards.

The course will cover the whole process of planning a complaints investigation and collecting, recording, assessing and evaluating evidence/documentation.

Delegates will learn how to conduct a fair and objective investigation to establish the facts in the case; in doing so enabling them to support their findings and justify their subsequent actions, decisions and recommendations.

Key Learning Points

  • Be able to accurately define what a complaint is to ensure issues are treated in the appropriate manner
  • Plan and conduct a fair and proportionate complaints investigation
  • Identify different types of evidence
  • Be able to research, collect, record and evaluate evidence and documentation from a wide variety of sources to determine the root cause of the complaint and/or reach justifiable conclusions or decisions
  • Create, maintain and enhance best practice standards in record keeping
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