Regulatory/Disciplinary Hearings – Law, Evidence, Procedure and Best Practice

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Duration: 1 Day

Key Learning Points

  • Understanding the relevant legal framework, practice and jurisdiction
  • The Human Rights Act and related law
  • Recognising different types of evidence: oral, documentary, real and hearsay
  • Distinguishing between facts, assumptions and opinions
  • Analysing and evaluating evidence (case analysis)
  • Best practice in recording evidence

Regulatory/Disciplinary Hearings – Law Evidence and Procedure – overview

This course has been designed for both Chairs and Panel Members, who oversee the conduct of hearings and make decisions regarding internal disciplinary, complaints or regulatory proceedings.

The course is highly practical and designed to give both Chairs and Panel Members a comprehensive understanding of the law, procedure and ethics involved in undertaking a lawful and fair hearing. Delegates will consider the different types and source and weight of evidence available to them including witness evidence, documents and real evidence as well as the impact of Human Rights legislation on the conduct of a fair hearing.

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