Regulatory/Disciplinary Hearings – Making and Writing Decisions

In-house course: call for details
Duration: 1 Day

Key Learning Points 

  • The art of making ‘collective decisions’ including focussed and relevant discussions and majority procedures
  • The art of facilitating ‘Committee Decision making’ including challenging inappropriate behaviour or language of committee members
  • Reserving and Announcing the decision including explaining the procedure for receiving the written report
  • The dynamic dialectical art of decision writing (the funnel of facts issues, analysis and conclusion) 
  • Content including structure, layout, how to include and analyse the different sources of evidence and the appropriate weight 
  • Balanced, objective and clear decision writing 

Regulatory/Disciplinary Hearings – Making and Writing Decisions - Overview

The course is designed to provide Chairs and Panel Members with the key skills in collective decision-making, enabling them to reach justified and properly recorded decisions.  

Delegates will be taught the core skills in collective decision-making during role-play exercises, where Chairs and Panel Members will learn how to make fair, rational and justified decisions based on the relevant law and findings of fact. They will learn how to appropriately participate in the decision-making process, express opinions relevant to the issues, and to consider the opinions and advice of others. They will consider how to write up their decisions with proper reference to the issues, the evidence and the proceedings and in such a way that all parties understand the findings and the reasons for a decision.

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