RIPA Applicant & Gatekeeper inc. Monitoring Officer

Public course: £285 + VAT
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Duration: 1 Day

The roles of the Applicant and Gatekeeper are very important in the RIPA authorisation process.

A well-constructed application, completed by a trained and knowledgeable applicants can mean that the chances if successfully getting an successful authorisation are much higher and the Gatekeeper (in local authorities referred to as the Monitoring Officer) can make the RIPA process much smoother for everyone involved.

To achieve this success, it is important that people understand how to perform this role correctly, whichever organisation they work for.

Course Overview

The course has been specifically designed to enable delegates to understand and explore the remit and the requirements placed upon them when they are required to perform the role of the Applicant or Gatekeeper/Monitoring Officer for their organisation. The training is structured so that the delegates are able to understand exactly what is required of them to perform their role effectively.

Key learning points

  • What are the role of the Applicant, Gatekeeper (Monitoring Officer) and how do these interact with each other and the Authorising Officer?
  • Understand the different types of activity available under RIPA?
  • When should application be submitted?
  • How to complete the application and/or quality assure the application before submission to the Authorising Officer?
  • The legal tests required to be performed by those involved in the process.

Who should attend?

This 1-day course is aimed at the member of the organisation that are required to submit applications for directed surveillance as an Applicant or is required to perform the role of the Gatekeeper/Monitoring Officer for the purposes of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

Due to VAT regulations, if you are booking outside the UK, please contact the office.

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