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Local authorities are permitted under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) to conduct covert activities including directed surveillance, the use of covert human intelligence sources (CHIS) and under the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) 2016 to obtain different types of communications data.

However, it is important that these activities are completed in accordance with the law otherwise there can be severe consequences if this isn’t the case. Following recent changes any person who has been the subject of erroneous activity can now be told that the activity has taken place and advised to seek compensation.

To ensure that the regime is being used in a proper manner the Investigatory Powers Commissioners Office (IPCO) conduct regular inspections, which are now being conducted virtually and it is important that these are not underestimated.

As a result of this, it is important that local authorities ensure that their staff receive regular training, appropriate to their role in the organization.

This interactive e-learning course examines how the RIPA, the IPA and the Protection of Freedoms Act apply in a local authority setting. It includes the following modules:

  • RIPA Awareness
  • RIPA Applicant
  • RIPA Gatekeeper/Monitoring Officer
  • RIPA Authorising Officer
  • RIPA Senior Responsible Officer

These modules have been put together by top subject matters experts and qualified trainers to ensure it is an excellent learning experience.

It comprises of:

  • Interactive exercises
  • Videos
  • Quizzes.
  • Completion of applications or authorisations depending on the role being undertaken
  • Reporting tool to identify who in the organisation has completed the training so that it can be reported to the Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office (IPCO) at the next inspection

RIPA for Local Authorities is an essential e-learning training solution for Local Authorities to ensure that their staff have the requisite knowledge to operate to the highest standards.

Benefits of the training:

  • Build a culture of compliance within your local authority
  • Provide your staff with the essential knowledge of when an authorization should be obtained.
  • Can be completed at any time from any device
  • Cost effective solution to ensure your staff receive the up-to-date RIPA training that they need.

The modules can be bought as stand-alone packages or as a complete package that includes all of the above modules. The package is designed to be flexible and can be added to in terms of the modules and numbers required so it can flex up and down as needed.

Price starts from the equivalent of £23.20 per user and per module. The purchase of minimum numbers applies to each module. For a bespoke quote please email

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