**Important Update**

We are pleased to confirm that all our courses and qualifications are now being delivered virtually on a public basis and we can do the same with closed courses for individual organisations and their staff.

Our virtual classrooms are easy to navigate with instant access to face-to-face real time learning. The technology includes group conversation, online polls, interactive white boards as well as break out room functionality. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7549 2549 or email us at info@bondsolon.com

The emphasis on quality of care and ever-increasing expectations inevitably puts pressure on all Health and Social Services staff.

Combined with the growing number of Serious Incidents, Serious Case Reviews, and inquiry findings, there has never been a greater need for all professionals to be fully trained and skilled in order to carry out their work to best practice standards.

Today, the law is embedded across Health and Social Services, and those professionals engage with the law on a daily basis. The study and practical application of the law by non-lawyers can be a challenge, yet this is a challenge that must be met.

It is important that all practitioners are equipped with the key legal skills to enhance their day-to-day professional roles and to act effectively, lawfully and to best practice standards.

Bond Solon offers a variety of legal-skills training courses to increase Best Practice for all Health and Social Services staff.

Bond Solon is the UK’s leading legal training provider for both Health and Social Services practitioners. We work extensively with over 350 Adult and Children’s Services, Acute Trusts, Ambulance Trusts, Primary Care Trusts and Mental Health Trusts as well as a large number of regulatory bodies.

Health and Social Services training

Bond Solon’s Training will:

  • equip your staff with the necessary skills, knowledge and ability to carry out their roles to best practice standards
  • ensure professional standards are maintained
  • provide legal frameworks for best practice
  • help implement effective assessment and monitoring standards
  • minimise the risk of criticism and dissatisfaction
  • increase the quality of care and reduce the risk of incidents, complaints and claims
  • instil confidence
  • complement and enhance your staff’s existing skills


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