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The Department of Health has approved Bond Solon, in association with Teesside University, to deliver the Best Interest Assessor (BIA) qualification.

A best interest assessment is a process to consider authorisation of deprivation of liberty for those people. In England, to act as a Best Interest Assessor, you must complete an approved Best Interest Assessor.

On successful completion of the course you will be qualified to act as a Best Interest Assessor (BIA) and to carry out best interest assessments.

>>> What about the LPS?

With the full implementation of the LPS coming into force in April 2022, it is highly recommended that you train your workforce to become BIAs. This will give them the legal understanding around a deprivation of liberty, and also put them ahead of the game to fast track into the new roles when the LPS finally does come in.

>>> A brief overview of the course

Master Level 7 Qualification   Level: Postgraduate Credits 20

Students will explore, and gain the ability to work lawfully within the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA), the Mental Health Act 1983 (MHA), the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS, MCA 2005), and their respective codes of practice, and the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRH).

The course is underpinned with a person-centred approach, ensuring services users
who may lack the capacity to make decisions about their care or treatment, and who
may be deprived of the liberty, are involved in the process.

Entry requirements and to book your place

>>> Course Delivery

The course is delivered on an in-house or a public basis.

The module  is comprised of:

  • Four interactive face-to-face days of training; usually delivered in two blocks of two days over the course of a month
  • Self-Study
  • 2 assessment components

>>> Module Assessments

The module is assessed in two parts and is comprised of:

  • A written submission based on a case study scenario
  • A reflective account of a direct observation of a best interest assessment being conducted

Entry requirements and to book your place

>>> Why choose our BIA qualification

Being a dedicated training company, delivering over 3,500 legal-skills courses each year, we are in a unique position to offer you and your workforce:

Flexibility – Rather than your staff travelling to a University campus, we send one of our experienced Lawyer-Trainers to a venue of your choice.

Purposely designed - Our BIA Module is not made up of other modules, and has been specifically designed to give students the skills and knowledge to operate as a BIA to best practice standards.

Skills Based Training – We do not use lecture-based training or PowerPoint slides, and instead we concentrate on group work, exercises, and scenario-based case studies to ensure a successful skills and knowledge transfer to each learner.

Timeframes – The average length between attending the course, completing your assessments, and receiving their ratified qualification is 3 months.

Group Sizes – Unlike a typical lecture theatre full of students, we cap the sizes of our BIA intake to ensure that the course remain interactive throughout to benefit the student.

Trainers – We use Lawyers to deliver our BIA qualification as they are able to give practical guidance and assurances, rather than anecdotal stories. Our Lawyers are also trained trainers.

Success Rate - Due to our unique deliver style and our ability to successfully instil skills and knowledge, our pass rate is over 80%.