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Since the decision in Jones v Kaney [2011], expert witnesses are increasingly aware of the need to take measures to protect themselves from litigation, including taking out adequate professional indemnity insurance. The lesson is that it pays to be prepared.

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  • Karas - I would not read too

    12 Nov 2015 23:37

    I would not read too much into comments and cooetrsavinn in general that are not included in minutes. What really matters are the votes and possibly some comment that is related to how support how they vote. That clarifies why they voted the way they did. Often it is difficult to takes notes that make sense when a cooetrsavinn is all over the place and does not provide any substance to the issue. I call this chit chat. Sometimes it appears a member just talks to be talking. They may be trying to make political points with the public. This is common and nothing wrong with it except it can be boring if it goes too long.Incidentaly. the local media does a good job reporting chit chat around a vote, especially if it's a subject of real interest. This does not need to be in the minutes. The Crestview situation is the culmanation of a long media investigation into a long history of potential Sunshine violations. That is not the case in DeFuniak , but our council needs to be guided accordingly.

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