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  • Julie Foster - Clinical Lead

    04 May 2023 11:13

    Very informative and easy to listen to. It has again highlighted how important this is in the area in which I work.

  • Amanda Harrison - Social worker

    10 May 2023 12:09

    Very informative and useful

  • Jan Herrity - Team maager

    11 May 2023 09:57

    Interesting webinar, we are working with our health colleagues to train BIA's and they will then help with our awaiting allocations/backlog. We are also training more BIA's in LA to assist too. We continue to focus on training and applying the MCA into practice.

  • MCA Lead

    11 May 2023 16:59

    Thank you for a very informative webinar. Agree with the message that work to improve MCA understanding and compliance must continue, alongside collaborative working between Health and Social Care to improve DoLS compliance. Looking forward to the next webinar.

  • Richard - Head of Safeguarding

    11 May 2023 17:41

    Always great to hear Max explaining complex issues with such clarity. I had the pleasure of having Max as my BIA tutor and he always covers the key points in a thoughtful and engaging way.

  • Maria - Locum MCA and DoLS/LPS Lead Nurse

    12 May 2023 16:37

    Would it be possible to obtain a slide pack. It would help with reinforcing the need to get MCA and DoLS right now before whatever incarnation of LPS happens in the future

  • Jayne Gardner - MCA Lead

    16 May 2023 14:27

    Useful reminder of DoLS issues with 'backlog' & how to reduce/end this! Work to be done with Health & ICBs to prioritise use of non-LA BIAs & also continue efforts to ensure all social care staff understand their roles in both forward care planning & DoLS. One issue which concerns is the 'Discharge to assess' process which very often negates the ability to plan care home admissions, increasing use of UA when P is admitted & also when rapid change of placement occurs.

  • Vince Williams - Social Worker/DOLS BIA

    17 May 2023 13:23

    Thank you for the very useful reminder of our statutory responsibilities and professional considerations during the prolonged hiatus between DOLS and LPS. Even if LPS doesn't come about for another few years (if ever) it was good to be reminded of pertinent case law as well. I do wonder why there have not been more legal challenges for DOLS authorisations where there have been delays in assessment given the delays and backlogs though... perhaps there is an unspoken consensus not to batter the beleaguered public sector bodies who have had to contend with budget cuts of an average of 25% over the years and in addition also try and manage through the Covid-19 pandemic and with more demand on services. Would like to say more but I'm off to continue tackling the backlog :)

  • LPS Named Nurse

    18 May 2023 17:36

    It's really hard as an acute trust to get the balance across during training between those people that can't leave because they're very unwell (ED/ICU type patients) and the patients who are not able to leave because of mobility issues and/or that are too unwell to leave, are compliant but cannot consent validly to being admitted to hospital. It causes great confusion and we often get staff saying - 'she's not medically fit for discharge so she's here because she's too unwell to go home'. I know we're not alone and I believe it's a common thing across acute trusts! We have so far to go but I think it is clear that with the push we've had waiting for LPS it has improved a lot!

  • Tracey - MCA Lead

    19 May 2023 10:13

    Whilst I agree that we need more BIAs we in health are struggling to get the opportunities for newly qualified BIAs to practice. Our very supportive Local Authority have reached a point where they are unable to support health any further, does anyone have ideas on how to access the practical element please?

  • Jill - Designated Nurse

    22 May 2023 16:46

    Very informative update. I am aware that a number of staff have been trained as BIA's in the Health sector but it will be difficult for them to retain / gain the experience in the short term so a valuable resource may be lost. Important to continue to promote MCA training

  • Helen Jones - MCA TRAINER (nhs)

    23 May 2023 16:03

    Informative webinar, thank you. I am interested in how we can work differently to address the backlog, but also as a means of moving forward from the front door. For example I am a registered social worker and BIA, presently working in a NHS Trust as a MCA Trainer which also involves training regarding DoLs. Could myself as a BIA look at completed the BIA assessments for a Standard Authorisation knowing the person who lacks capacity ti to be discharged to 24 hour care?

  • Sarah Talmash - Senior Manager (Registered Manager)

    25 May 2023 16:54

    Very useful update and easy to understand.

  • emma webb - Team Manager

    07 Jun 2023 12:51

    Thought the video was thought provoking and delivered in laymen's terms which was easy to follow. My thoughts at this time are that more effort needs to be made to forward plan standard authorisations when we know somone lacking capacity is going into a planned care home stay. Resources remain an issue in community social care settings.

  • Anonymous

    02 Sep 2023 19:37


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