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  • sara dockray - Safeguarding Associate

    10 May 2023 14:31

    Very interesting and enjoyable way for delivery please could the course details and costs be forwarded thanks sara

  • Gurinder Lall - Named Professional for Safeguarding Children

    10 May 2023 15:00

    A great reminder of the Human Rights Act and its application. I will be sure to remind myself of these principles within all decision making

  • Andrea Svinurai - Safeguarding Assurance Lead

    11 May 2023 18:46

    Really helpful reminder of the thread of basic human rights and FREDA plus in all that we do and the expectation of safeguarding being core business of all that we do and not an add on. Lets do it right and do the right thing. Thank you

  • Rich Painter - Director of Safeguarding

    15 May 2023 11:13

    This will be an excellent resource providing a short and snappy refresher- thank you- we will be utilising this widely.

  • Helen Wills - Midwife

    17 May 2023 12:04

    Very interesting and thought provoking thankyou

  • Heather Bain - falls nurse

    29 Jun 2023 17:35

    really good session!

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