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Many expert witnesses will need to give their evidence by video link or phone over the coming months and this may even become the norm as the use of digital technology in courts increases.

Mark Solon provides a cut out & keep guide to giving evidence by video link.

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This article was first published on 1 April 2020 in New Law Journal and is reproduced by kind permission.

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  • madeleine Dunham - consultant Clinical Psychologist

    14 Apr 2020 11:00

    I have used video links to court before but this usually involves a physical bundle. Main difficulty is accessing digital bundle while remaining on screen unless you have a more sophisticated set up than I do! Also ensuring that office background looks professional, check beforehand!

  • Elfed R.Williams - Principal, Chartered Surveyor

    14 Apr 2020 11:05

    Excellent , very useful. guidance........look forward to my first time !

  • Daniel Haines - Forensic Physician

    14 Apr 2020 20:36

    Dear Mark, Thank you for a most useful and practical guide. I am setting up a practice session right now. Yours sincerely, Daniel.

  • Dr Ben Lucas - Consultant Psychiatrist

    05 May 2020 09:15

    Thanks. for this guidance. Do you have any advice on the preparation of medical reports by eg Skype interview ie not meeting the subject physically but only on screen Many thanks

  • Rod Appleyard - Fenestration expert chartered surveyor

    17 May 2020 11:33

    Absolutely excellent, very informative and great guidance Nice on what and what not to do. All that is needed is the courts to settle on a secure single platform common to all.

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