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Mark Solon, Director of Bond Solon, interviews Alison Somek, Director, Somek & Associates on the relationship between experts and solicitors.

What are the biggest issues you might have when working with solicitors? What do you do when you get unclear instructions from solicitors?

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This short interview was filmed at the Annual Bond Solon Expert Witness Conference on Friday 4 November 2016.

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  • Rod Appleyard - Chartered Building SurveŇ∑or/Expert Witness

    29 Dec 2016 21:58

    Some very good points made and aired. The last point about docs or previous reports is very topical. I have had this issue and take the view that if the client does not want me to consider then do not give it to me, that then solves the privileged issue. Clients cannot understand this and as has been said get a bi t shirty.

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