Cross-Examination Day for Investigators

In-house course: call for details
Qualification: Can count towards the Advanced Professional Certificate in Investigative Practice - BTEC Level 7 - please call for details
Duration: 1 Day

Key Learning Points

  • Dealing with in-depth cross-examination on a full report or statement
  • Making full use of supporting exhibits documents, plans, photographs, etc.
  • Getting to the essence of a complex case and communicating clearly with the judge
  • Handling difficult cross-examination techniques confidently

Cross-Examination Day for Investigators - overview 

The Cross-Examination Day is a follow-on course to the Courtroom Skills/Giving Evidence Training

This intensive cross-examination training course helps you as an investigator to refine and enhance your performance, and to gain mastery of your presentation of evidence in court. You’ll be cross-examined on a statement or report you have produced from a completed case, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The second cross-examination is recorded.

The Cross-Examination for Investigators training course can count towards the 8-day nationally recognised qualification - the Advanced Professional Certificate In Investigative Practice -  or towards the 2-day Professional Award in Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and Cross Examination or the 2-day Professional Award in Data Protection Act and Cross Examination.

Please note: this course must be run as a 2-day course in conjunction with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act or the Data Protection Act day if you’re undertaking a qualification.

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