Senior Authorising Officer

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Duration: 3 hours

The Senior Authorising Officer (SAO) is required to consider higher level activities such as:

  • Intrusive Surveillance & Property Interference
  • Juvenile or Vulnerable Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS)
  • Undercover Activity

These are complicated areas of business which are closely scrutinised by the Investigatory Powers Commissioners Office (IPCO), defence lawyers and the courts.

This course will give you the knowledge, skillsĀ  and confidence to competently act as a Senior Authorising Officer.

Key learning points:

  • The role of the Senior Authorising Officer
  • The legislation as it applies to their role
  • How to construct an authorisation
  • Who should write the authorisation

This course is run in partnership with our sister company The Training Consultants, one of the UK's most established suppliers of accredited intelligence training, spanning the whole spectrum of overt and covert activity.

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